how to type-in a machine code program on to oric?

Since we do not have native C compilers on the Oric, this forum will be mostly be used by people using CC65 or the OSDK. But any general C related post will be welcome !
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how to type-in a machine code program on to oric?

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How do I type-in a program written in the machine code on to the Oric (Euphoric)?

I have heard that someone used the "OricMon" for this purpose.
If this is so, then from where could I download it from?

I have couple of hundrents programs written in machine code and they are on PAPER (book) and I would like to try them out :)


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Why don't you use the osdk instead? You can create C, Basic and ASM programs and create a tap to load on the Oric.

The assembler in OSDK does work with labels, preprocessor, etc.

Have a look at it in this site:


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