Loading Disk Demo's on the Spectrum

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Loading Disk Demo's on the Spectrum

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I know this is a little off-topic, but for a long while i had not been able to load Disk demo's on the Spectrum Emulator because i simply didn't know how to do it.
Now i do!
I use EmuZWin which can be gotten from here...


You can get spectrum demos and games from here.


then once you have a few demos, you can load SCL files like this..
1) Click on the Open icon
2) Open the SCL disk file you want
3) then in the emulator press ALT-D
4) Now dbl-click the file closest to the name of the demo from the list (Which usually has a black blob to the left of it)

And voila, the demo should now play.
For tape demos, the process is alot more simple. :P The best way is just to open the file directly, and invariably the file will autoload.
If it doesn't go to basic in the emulator and type J ""
On Spectrums commands are entered as single keys and LOAD is J on the keyboard.

:!: One other point to mention is that you should choose the correct machine for the demo. The EmuZwin machine can be selected from the 5th icon from the left on the emulator screen. (looks like an interface graphic).
F11 will reset the machine.

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