Need testers !

Everything related to BASIC version 1.x (Oric 1 and Atmos) or HYPERBASIC (Telestrat).
Don't hesitate to give your small program samples, technical insights, or questions...
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Need testers !

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Please, can you go on this page: ... =1045#1045

This is the first version of the OSDK with native support for the BASIC. This means you can:
- Output data from Bin2Txt and PictConv directly as lines of DATA in a text file
- Have OSDK project that contains more than one BAS file that will all be glued together to create the final TAP file.

If experience is positive, I will consider adding new features:
- Autogeneration/renumbering of line numbers
- Handling of labels
- Warnings to indicate if many variables share the two first letters and hides one other
- BASIC compaction (reducing the size at the maximum by removing useless stuff, generating small numbers, gluing lines, giving variable names only one character, etc...)
- Syntax coloring (by automaticaly poking INK attributes in the REMs)

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