Poverty Game

Want to talks about games you like, would like to see developed on the Oric, it's here.
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Poverty Game

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My father is a retired geography teacher. He developed this game in the 1970s as a classroom activity and originally pen-and-paper. It's based on farming in India round about that time, from actual case studies and climate data. The class would look up tables on an overhead projector to calculate whether their crops were a success or not. Presumably the lesson included weighing up which crops were a good bet in which circumstances. In 1984 he collaborated with a friend of mine to program the game on the Oric. This is the result. It could probably use some improvement, but I'm really glad it has survived and I was able to get a working TAP. Enjoy!
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Re: Poverty Game

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Interesting and educational! :)
Just one small note: the game is for Oric-1. It works in Atmos mode too, but because of the two first protected columns, the table formatting looks broken.
Thanks for sharing.

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