Old tapes found

Want to talks about games you like, would like to see developed on the Oric, it's here.
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Re: Old tapes found

Post by dave3622 »

musepat wrote:
dave3622 wrote:Wow musepat, that's an amazing collection of TAPS, many I have never seen before. Would you object if I added the new games to my Oric Gamebase? I've not worked on it for a while but am beginning to feel motivated again. :D
Of course you can, you must :D
I'm fully motivated again! I've added about 20 of your games so far but I have barely started. I also have some new books with listings which will also be added to the Gamebase. You say you still have more tapes to convert; can I be cheeky and ask roughly how many and if you will share them with us? I'd like my next release to be as good as it can be. I know I'll not likely get permission for the CEO games but considering how many games you just gave us that I'd never heard of it should be a good release anyway. :wink:

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Re: Old tapes found

Post by musepat »

Hi Dave,
I have many tapes, but they are often the same games. So I can't tell you how many new games I'll find.
Of course, I'll give them to you, and everyone who want them, but it will take me some weeks to do that.

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Re: Old tapes found

Post by ibisum »

This is exciting! Old tape collections for the win!

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Re: Old tapes found

Post by peacer »

That was really exciting and extraordinary !

There are many beautiful games that I never think that Oric has such games like "big baston" which is remake of atari "Boxing" game . I tried to program that game in 1980's for the oric and failed due to my lack of machine code ability.

Thamk you for all your effort ! Amazing..

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