Another Microdisc compatible.

This is the right place to discuss on how to implement hardware vsync, adding a VIA or AY chipset, puting multiple roms, or how to design a new flash expansion card.
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Re: Another Microdisc compatible.

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Need to remind everybody: If you have the financial means, such a controller board associated with a HxC floppy emulator is technically more equivalent to what you get with a Cumulus.

(The end result is more expensive, on the other hand you can reuse the HxC on other computers, such at Atari, Amiga, ...)

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Re: Another Microdisc compatible.

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Thanks for the info Chema.

I have sent a mail in my broken Spanish to the owner of the forum for the registration.

I'd like an amplibus and a controler (not sure if my Cumana is faulty or if it is that I require an Amplibus only).
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