Run... Spider's Mentioning SPAINT Again

The Oric video chip is not an easy beast to master, so any trick or method that allows to achieve nice visual results is welcome. Don't hesitate to comment (nicely) other people tricks and pictures :)
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Run... Spider's Mentioning SPAINT Again

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Hiya y'all,
Years ago (well, 3) I told you that my Oric paint program, SPAINT ("Spider Paint") was a work in progress, and it continues to be so.
It is slow (BASIC), makes full use of the keyboard (in 2 main menus), and is not very polished. However, it works!!!

Yesterday, I took time out and worked on this program again.

Focussed on the 'Invert Bits' routine, the idea of which I respectfully used from DBug's own work in progress paint program.
(What's happening with that?)
The routine (keys [Z][X][C][V][N] in ATTR mode), now work on all non control codes, even 32-63 & 160-191.

Don't dismiss the use of these codes, as I find them to be extremely useful, by using them to make a shape or so on the screen, that cannot be changed by normal Oric commands (CURSET, CURMOV, DRAW, CIRCLE). Even these commands in FB mode 2, cannot change the values of that codes.
The only drawback you have using 32-63 & 160-191 is that you cannot change bit 6. Trying to change that bit with [Z] gives you an error message.

The command ['] now inverts the bits on all non control codes.
As above, bit 6 on 32-63 & 160-191 is taken into account and is not changed.

Added a new command that I fancied having myself. Pressing [;] in ATTR mode inverts bit 8, on all codes.
Very handy, especially for reversing control codes.

Very small change, but [/] (Save/Load screens) is now usable in ATTR mode.

Documentation still has to be updated, but since it is now 12:20am, I will have to do that another time.

The zip file containing "SPAINT.BAS", "SPAINT.DSK", & "SPAINT.TXT" (a listing) is to be found here: ...

Enjoying working on this program from time to time. It both frustrates and relaxes me.
Peter (TheSpider) Paterson
A Scotsman in Kentucky

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