Why is tape so unreliable on the Oric?

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How to program the oric hardware (VIA, FDC, ...) is also welcome.
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Why is tape so unreliable on the Oric?

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For example the Spectrum manages relatively reliable fast loaders.

Ages past the bad loading on the Oric was blamed on the ROM routines, then Peter Halford(who wrote some of the routines) was cleared of all blame when it was realised it was a bad resistor value in the tape curcuitry. But i thought this had been rectified in later board versions?

The standard spectrum speed is 1365 Baud (i believe) but the Oric fast speed is 2400 Baud. Is this the reason?

Or is it more down to the generation of the bits in the first place, for example a ROM routine issue after all?
If the same technique adopted by the Spectrum for storing bits on tape was adapted to the oric, would the tape reliability be improved?

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