Oric HFE file

If you want to ask questions about how the machine works, peculiar details, the differences between models, here it is !
How to program the oric hardware (VIA, FDC, ...) is also welcome.
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Re: Oric HFE file

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For Clock Signal you need the PAL PROM too (attached oric-pal-prom.zip).

And your file hell2 starts fine in Clock Signal:
(247 Bytes) Downloaded 16 times

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Re: Oric HFE file

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Many thanks.

Any idea why they are OK with Clock Signal but not Gotek Hfe or when converted to Oric .Dsk with HxC software?

I took a good Disk image and converted it to Hfe and then back to Dsk and it worked OK so the HxxC software seems OK.

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