Oric-1/Atmos ROM Switch Information

If you want to ask questions about how the machine works, peculiar details, the differences between models, here it is !
How to program the oric hardware (VIA, FDC, ...) is also welcome.
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Oric-1/Atmos ROM Switch Information

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On Wikipedia it reads:

"A short time after the release of the Atmos machine, a modification for the Oric-1 was issued and advertised in magazines and bulletin boards. This modification enabled the Oric-1 user to add a second rom (containing the Oric Atmos system) to a spare rom socket on the Oric-1 circuit board. Then, using a basic DPST (double pole single toggle) switch, the users could then switch between the new Oric Atmos rom and the original Oric-1 rom at their leisure."

Does anyone know where I can find these instructions and also if it is possible to add a Oric-1 ROM to a Oric Atmos (The other way around).

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Re: Oric-1/Atmos ROM Switch Information

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Re: Oric-1/Atmos ROM Switch Information

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it would be better to use a single 27c256 eprom and a pullup resistor (10k)
and a simpler spst switch.

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