10 Line BASIC Competition 2022!

Everything related to BASIC version 1.x (Oric 1 and Atmos) or HYPERBASIC (Telestrat).
Don't hesitate to give your small program samples, technical insights, or questions...
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Re: 10 Line BASIC Competition 2022!

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Dear rax - I have been not logging on to the forum recently due to being busy and it also stopped me from submitting something for the compeition.

But I want to congratulate you again for winning 2022!! Fantastic work and I have learned a few things looking through your code.

I love that an Oric entry has won the competition last *two* years now - it's a great advertisement for our humble little computer... and also a wonderful testament to the amazing coding skills of rax!

Bravo and let's see if Oric can be top of the tree three years in a row in 2023! I will do my best to be the winner, but rax sets a very high bar indeed!!

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