Brainf*ck for Oric

Here you can ask questions or provide insights about how to use efficiently 6502 assembly code on the Oric.
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Brainf*ck for Oric

Post by iss »

With this release I wish Merry Christmas and Happy New 2016 to all Oric fans!
xmas.jpg (11.39 KiB) Viewed 13183 times
Below you can download my quick port of Brainf*ck language for Oric.
The original sources are for Apple ][ and can be found HERE.

The DSK image includes two X-mas ascii art converted as BF* programs and some short demos.
(demos are short but slow, so little patience is requred :)).
Ready to run DSK image.
(131.5 KiB) Downloaded 356 times
Ported source code of the BF* interpreter - only 242 bytes!
BF* interpreter source code
(1.92 KiB) Downloaded 365 times

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Re: Brainf*ck for Oric

Post by Chema »

Interesting indeed! :) well done. I will have a look as soon as I put my hands on a computer!

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Re: Brainf*ck for Oric

Post by coco.oric »

Merry Christmas and happy new year Iss, and all other Oric Fans.
Thanks for your portage and your christmas bf* demo. It's very funny
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