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Bas2Tap bugs report

Posted: Wed May 20, 2009 11:46 am
by waskol
Hello !

Well, well, translating Tyran in English and developping windows tools, I report here 2 major bugs with involving Bas2Tap, in the OSDK.

The first, aready reported bug :
- When A BASIC listing starts by line number 0, Bas2Tap fails.

Second bug :
- In the resulting tap file, the end address is not "coded" as it should in the Header. The End address is computed like this :

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And it should be computed like that !

Code: Select all

Let's assume a 1 byte program, it starts at address #501 and ends at address #501 !

The real Oric codes it right !

The only workaround so far : rework tap file with an HexEditor... :cry: