Top 10 Oric moments...

In this forum you can write about anything that does not fit in other forums.
This includes generic Oric talkings and things that are totaly unrelated but want to share with people here :)
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Top 10 Oric moments...

Post by Pengwin »

After seeing a similar thread on AtariAge, and as it is the Oric's 30th year, I thought I would ask the same question here.
What are your top ten Oric related moments?

I'll start with mine:

1 - Seeing the Oric-1 demo tape for the first time. Up until then, my benchmark for computer demos was the Spectrum Horizon's demo.
2 - Getting an Atmos, and absolutely loving the design of it.
3 - Loading the Hobbit and seeing the hires graphics mixed with text.
4 - Writing my first complete program (can't remember what it was now)
5 - Playing Mr Wimpy and loving it. I still play the Oric version today.
6 - Realising that the Oric version of Mr Wimpy was better than any other version made!
7 - Beating a computer at chess.
8 - Starting to make sense of assembly language.
9 - Discovering that the Oric community is still alive and strong in the 21st century.
10 - Playing Skooldaze on an Oric!

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Re: Top 10 Oric moments...

Post by coco.oric »

Hi, quickly remembering ...

1 - Comparing advertisings of Atmos and Spectrum in french mags
2 - Getting an Oric
3 - Running the Simulateur de vol from ASN Diffusion
4 - Writing my first program and learning "le langage machine"
5 - Cracking my first program and playing with Zorgon's Revenge, Le Trésor de Kikekankoi ... and more
6 - Replace my Oric with an Atmos
7 - Discovering an Oric in a "braderie".
8 - Discovering the french community in the 90's without joining them, and Euphoric
9 - Joining the CEO Community a few years ago, and trying the OSDK Devt kit
10 - Playing, Trying to code something like in the 80's and contributing to the Oric Community a little bit
coco.oric as DidierV, CEO Member
Historic owner of Oric, Apple II, Atari ST, Amiga

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Re: Top 10 Oric moments...

Post by Chema »

Nice idea. Here are mine:

1 - Getting an Oric-1 as a present, opening the box and connecting it to the TV to see the "Ready" prompt.
2 - Typing my first BASIC program from the User Guide (demo tape won't load).
3 - Loading and playing a game for the first time, and it was Zorgon's Revenge!
4 - Buying a kit to convert it to an Atmos and watching the demo tape
5 - Discovering the Oric community in the 90's, Euphoric, Fabrice and all the nice people there and their incredible works (Magnetix, really impressed me).
6 - Discovering the C compiler for the Oric and, with Fabrice helping with the 6502 code, developing Pinforic!
7 - Finding this wonderful forum years later and playing all those new games!
8 - Developing my first game in asm with the help of Twilighte, Fabrice, Dbug and others: Space 1999
9 - Developing 1337 and actually enjoying it!
10 - Developing Skool Daze and playing it together with my 8-year old son on my real machine nearly 30 years after I got it!

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Re: Top 10 Oric moments...

Post by Dbug »

Hmmm, not that easy:

1 - Spending months reading magazines and comparing the specs of the various machines
2 - Finally being able to buy my own Oric Atmos after working one month of hard physical work in a farm
3 - First time I played Xenon, Defence Force, Mr Wimpy, Space Invaders, Probe 3, Ghost Gobblers, ...
4 - Learning to program with the Atmos user manual
5 - Having my own screen so I did not have to stop using the Oric when my mother and sister wanted to watch the tv
6 - Reaching the point where I was able to program in assembler and write my own game, "Panic Miner Maze"
7 - Having to sell all my Oric hardware, books and games at a fraction of the original price in order to be able to buy an Atari ST (it's a low point but still an important one)
8 - Rediscovering the Oric around 1996 with Euphoric and the C compiler
9 - Writing my first Oric demo in 1997 and get some nice feedback from people of the demo scene
10 - Having met all these interesting Oric related people both online and offline:)

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Re: Top 10 Oric moments...

Post by Symoon »

I can't make it in 10 items, would you guys hate me if I made it in hex(10) items ? ;-)

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Re: Top 10 Oric moments...

Post by ibisum »

1. That smell of the box as I opened the Oric-1 for the first time. Never forget it!
2. Loading up Harrier Attack for the very first time - yay! Oh wait, this game sorta sucks.
3. That lovely feeling, indescribable, of flicking through a hundred Computer mags and finding a lone, single, little Oric-1 listing to type in. Yay!
4. Getting FROGGER to load for the first time!
5. Getting access to the FROGGER sources for the first time (using !NEW)
6. Getting access to sources for *ANY* game using !NEW for the first time.
7. Discovering!!!!!
8. Discovering Defence-Force.
9. Discovering the C compiler in OSDK!!!!!
10. Every time I come to this Forum and hit "View New Posts" to find a couple from you masters, talking about my favourite computer ... ;)

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Re: Top 10 Oric moments...

Post by Symoon »

Had to "pack" things a little...

1- 1st time I saw Xenon-1 running. After "Simulateur de Vol" (Flight Simulator), "Morts Subites" and "Night Fight", it was incredible to watch.
2- the flashing colors while loading the Atmos demo... And then, the flying bird!
3- playing Zorgon, The Hellion and Don't Press The Letter Q with my brothers, setting the tape output level at a very specific (high) volume to get infinite lives in The Ultra
4- "battles" recorded on tapes with my brothers, each of us telling how great was the (poor basic) program to follow he made
5- playing Le Fer d'Amnukor and eventually finishing it. A few years later, having its author sending me the source disks!
6- discovering Euphoric on a magazine CD, writing (a letter!) to Fabrice and his reply telling me about the CEO
7- being able to save aging tapes to PC, then giving a hand, with others, filling (hats off to Fabrice for the transfer tools, Dominique for exploring special routines)
8- meeting many incredible people that made the Oric history, from the 80's up to now (including websites)
9- reading the incredible Sedoric à Nu from André, giving me an idea to make directories in Sedoric and leading me to my first steps in machine code
10- Recent stunning games (mainly Jonathan and Chema, but any new game is a pleasure): Zip and Zap from Jonathan for its music, Impossible Mission, Space 1999 and 1337 for their almost-Atari-ST-like look

There are still stunning moments I'm waiting for ;)

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Re: Top 10 Oric moments...

Post by Dom »

Hi all !

As in each "love affair", the very beginnings probably stay in mind as the very best moments :D

1984-1986: The palaeozoic age.

1 - Falling in love with Atmos "look" in the ad's of computing magazines.
2 - Waiting to buy an atmos in a long queue and in a very small computers shop with the fear that the guy just before me could buy the last one...
3 - Back home, unpacking the atmos and immédiatly running "CITADELLE" a Loriciels TEXT adventure
4 - Living these fabulous times in the very particular atmosphere of meetings, in computer shops, with other oricians , exchanging tips, even softs (can you imagine...)
5 - Reading eagerly each month THEORIC Magazine and then waiting the next issue with the same eager
6 - Being able to write my first machine code routine and seeing how fast it was !

Then in 1986, disaster struck... My atmos died due to a fugitive contact between the power plug
and the expansion port connector... RIP my dear ATMOS .

1996 - 2013 : The Internet age (thanks to Fabrice and his magic Euphoric)

7 - Reading and waiting for CEO Mag with the same feelings as for Theoric
8 - 1997, buying a complete Atmos - Microdisc configuration (Yes !!! I finaly manage to get a microdisc! Yes !!!)
9 - Buying "L'Oric à nu" during a "visu" in Paris. This bible has really changed my level of knowledge of the Oric.
10 - Finding a small taste of the atmosphere of the good old days in coopération projects with other cEO members. For exemple: Claude Sittler, André Cheramy (Oric Maestro), Symoon (Wav to Tap with protected tapes), ...

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Re: Top 10 Oric moments...

Post by kenneth »

My Kingdom for a time machine... :roll:

1 - Trials of trigonometric drawings on an oric 1 in the store for brag :mrgreen:
2 - Book the machine for Christmas
3 - See the Atmos in its plastic bag
5 - feeling it !
6 - touching it !!
7 - hum.
8 - sorry.
9 - See the demo
A - Playing the first game (Protector)
B - Understanding (finally) the machine code :?: :evil: :idea: :D
C - Crack my first game :oops: :lol:
D - To run a little game written in LM
E - Discover all passionate people about with Defence Force and Oricgames websites and see what they are able to do
F - Restart my real Atmos (30 years after) with Stormlord and SkoolDaze

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