Important thing, totally forgot about it !

In this forum you can write about anything that does not fit in other forums.
This includes generic Oric talkings and things that are totaly unrelated but want to share with people here :)
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Important thing, totally forgot about it !

Post by Dbug »

Happy new year 2009, may your Oric's still run fine, your wallets not too empty by these hard times, your health good, and everything else nice as well :)

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Post by TheSpider »

Thanks Dbug. It was a good New Year. I took my wife to Scotland and she experiened Hogmanay.
I also have a British TV for my Oric Atmos, so this will be a very good year.
Peter (TheSpider) Paterson
A Scotsman in Kentucky

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Post by Twilighte »

SKINT! thats me this month. Hardly any money to afford food, let alone CEO at end of month. Ridiculous really since i skimped on presents by making them all and delivering them in person when we all met up for Christmas. I guess its all gone in to travelling, which i've done too much of recently. Oh well perhaps i'll be better off next month.
I too hope everyone had a splendid Christmas and happy new year.

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Post by waskol »

A bit late (I've been very busy), but anyway...

Happy New Year 2009 :wink:

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