Summer Break

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Summer Break

Post by Dbug »

tomorrow I'm leaving for a three weeks vacation break in France, hopefully everything will go fine with the server, but if for some reason it breaks, I encourage you to take some time of the internet and enjoy doing something else until I fix it (the server, not the internet!) :)

Retroric found that there was a bug in the OSDK 1.14 when using -O3, so if you were planning to code anything, either force -O2 or use the OSDK 1.13 instead.

See you in august!

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Re: Summer Break

Post by Voyageur »

Bonnes vacances, Dbug! :D flag_fr
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Re: Summer Break

Post by Symoon »

Bonnes vacances.
Looks like we all took a slower pace these days, enjoy summer ;)

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Re: Summer Break

Post by Chema »

Same here Dbug. :D I just came from a visit to New York, that is why it took me a few days to answer.

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