Free ICs , CPLDs to good home !

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Free ICs , CPLDs to good home !

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I have some surplus ICs and would like them to go to a good home, so if you're a homebrew computer builder or mess around with electronics these may be useful. It's first come first served until they have all gone !

Integrated Circuits (Chips)

R65C02Px DIP 40 6502 CPU
W65C02P DIP 40 6502 CPU
SRAMs 8K,32K,64K 128K Various DIP
CPLD , Altera MAX : EPM7128SLC84,EPM7064SLC44,EPM7512,EPM7256,EPM7256SQC208-10 etc)
65B21 DIP

Just email me at

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Re: Free ICs , CPLDs to good home !

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No need to post the same message in three different forums.

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Re: Free ICs , CPLDs to good home !

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************* More FREE ICs *************************

Free ICs to Good Home

I have some more surplus ICs that need a good home, anyone building there own homebrew project may find these of some use.

SRAM : 32K,128K,8K etc
EPROM 8K,16K,32K etc
AY-3-8910,SN76489,YM2149 Sound Chips
GAL16V8 GAL22V10 etc PLD (Programmable Logic) ICs : Blank.
CPLD (Complex Logic Devices) EPM8064SLc84, EPM7128SLC84,EPM7032SLC44 (Blank) etc
DS12887/DS1210 Real Time Clock
AM9511xx Generic Maths Co-processor (2-4MHz)
MC1377/LM1889 TV Encoders

First come first served… any one interested just email me at

Anyone Building their own DIY ORIC / ATMOS ??

65C02/W65C816 CPUs
6522,68B50,68B21 etc
SRAMs HM62256,UM61256.UM51412,HM62128 etc
EPROMs, 27C64,27C128,27C256 etc
IDT7006 Dual Port SRAM PLCC68
GALs,CPLD GAL22V10,GAL16V8,EPM7512xxx EPM725xx etc
LM1889,MC1377 TV Encoders
YM2149, AY-3-8910 Sound Chips
DS12887 RTC
AM9511 FPU
7805 5V Regulator

Just email me !

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Re: Free ICs , CPLDs to good home !

Post by Chema »

I am quite sure I emailed you for some ICs and we even exchanged a few emails, but never got them... Probably I misunderstood something?

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Re: Free ICs , CPLDs to good home !

Post by mikeb »

lezanderson wrote:
Fri Feb 15, 2019 12:33 pm
Anyone Building their own DIY ORIC / ATMOS ??
7805 5V Regulator
I wouldn't, if I were you ;) ...

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Re: Free ICs , CPLDs to good home !

Post by lezanderson »

Sorry If I missed you out last time.. just an oversight on my side.. I probably lost your email/deleted it by mistake .

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Re: Free ICs , CPLDs to good home !

Post by lezanderson »

Musings on Designing & building a DIY / Homebrew ORIC-1 / ATMOS

Crazy Ideas and brainstorming thoughts on a New Design ORIC

Design specification

65C02 Processor 4MHz or Faster
48K RAM . > 32K SRAM, 16K Dual Port SRAM
Complex Programmable logic Device to emulate Functions of ORIC ULA.
AY-3-89xx/YM2149 Sound Chip
SN76489 second Sound Chip
PS/2 keyboard interface
PS/2 Mouse interface
CF Card interface for storage
PATA Harddrive interface.. for PATA laptop mini Harddrive
+9V switch-mode input converted to regulated +5V

Design Method.

The specification is basically an enhanced ORIC-1 machine, with increased functionality and extra graphics modes. Using as many original legacy ICs as possible. A Micro-controller would provide for optional PS/2 Mouse/Keyboard interface , with alternate ROM.

The CPLD (Complex Programmable logic Device) would be at the heart of the system emulating and enhanced ORIC ULA. Providing Memory decoding, I/O decoding, Keyboard Matrix reading, Printer Interface, And Video Generation. A LM1889 or MC1377 type TV encoder could be used to give composite TV output.

RAM : 48K RAM would be used with 16K Dual Port SRAM for Video (VRAM). This would mean the video logic would not interfere with the CPU, as to slow it down. Allowing the 65C02 to run at full speed.

ROM : 16K/32K/64K EPROM would allow banks of 16K ROM to be switched to allow for different firmware etc.

CF Card interface and PATA type laptop for storage. The Original Tape interface could still be used , but these days it would be redundant ??
A CF Card could be used to interface via a PIO IC such as the intel 8255 allowing for mass storage. A second PIO I/C could be implemented to allow for a PATA hard-drive to be attached.

Printer & Keyboard logic would be done via the CPLD.

Sound would created with a YM2149 and SN76489 as these are cheap and the YM2149 is compatible with the AY-3-8912. The YM2149 Also has two 8bit I/O ports.

Video logic would be created in the CPLD to emulate the original ORIC Text and graphics modes plus give new modes. It would interface to 16K D/Port VRAM (an IDT7006).

A low cost +9 to +12V Switch mode Power supply would be converted to +5V for the circuit board.

Costing :

Something that is often overlooked at the design stage of a build is costing. If you do this, then you could end up designing a system that is simply unrealistic, due to cost, to build. Also try using commonly available components that can be readily sourced.

One rule of thumb is to assume the cost of the final system will be made up of, One Third for the price of the ICs, One Third for the PCB and One Third for miscellaneous things like Resistors, Capacitors, switches, Power Jack, D-Type connectors, IC Sockets etc

Integrated Circuits (ICs)
R65C02P4 6502 CPU $2.0
HM62256 32K RAM $1.0
IDT7006 16K Dual Port SRAM $2.0
W27C512 64K EPROM $1.0
EPM7512AET144 etc (CPLD) $15.0 * Ignore Crazy eBay prices
LM1889 or MC1377 TV Encoder $1.0
YM2149 Sound Chip $1.50
SN76489 second Sound Chip $0.5
8051 or similar MCU PS/2 keyboard/Mouse interface $2.0
Intel 82C55 CF Card interface for storage $2.0
Intel 82C55 PATA Harddrive interface $2.0
7805 Regulator $1.0

* Ignore Crazy eBay prices especially for things like the EPM7512 CPLD !

Total for ICs approx $30 about £25

So the Total build should be (at a guestimate) £75

Though this is clearly a simplistic view. It still gives a good starting point for someone thinking of undertaking the task of design and building a homebrew microcomputer


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