Retiring from the Oric scene...

In this forum you can write about anything that does not fit in other forums.
This includes generic Oric talkings and things that are totaly unrelated but want to share with people here :)
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Retiring from the Oric scene...

Post by Euphoric »

Bye bye, "Internet Oricians", I'm retiring from this "Oric community on the Internet"...
After about 10 years of service on the Internet, I'm going back to the way I was Oric-ing before, doing Oric stuff for my use only.
Maybe I will come back in a few years, maybe in a few months, but for now I'm tired of how it goes...

Cheers to all,


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Post by Dbug »

Merci pour tout ce que tu as apporté, et espérant ne pas te perdre de vue :)

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Post by Symoon »

J'espère que l'Oric restera un plaisir (actif ;)) plus qu'un engagement (et donc une contrainte), et que nous aurons encore de tes nouvelles.

Merci pour tout Fabrice, faire la liste de ce que tu as apporté serait bien trop long; je retiens par dessus tout ma joie (le mot n'est pas exagéré) en découvrant Euphoric, et ta lettre (eh oui pas d'email à l'époque !) m'indiquant l'existence du CEO...

A bientôt !

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Post by Antiriad2097 »

I'm more than a little surprised. So soon after there's finally a central forum.

All I can say is thanks for your input so far, we've all learned from what you've done.

Hope top see you around in the future.

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Post by Twilighte »

oh dear dear me...
Fabrice, if this has anything to do with that Audio project you gave me the special emulator for then i'm so sorry i put you to the trouble.
It didn't work out as i'd have hoped.
We must all take a rest at some point, i just hope you find inspiration to return at some point in the future.

Oricians are infuriatingly silent, and i am just as much to blame.
We all have our own little dreams that usually get in the way of social activities such as communication because we are more or less devoted to them.

I believe we all hope that the "regulars" are always available, but time does not stand still for anyone.
I will continue to support the Oric whilst i am interested in stuff.
But Oricing should only be excersized whilst the Orician is enjoying it.

Thankyou Fabrice Frances for keeping the Oric alive for over 10 glorious years.

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Post by TheSpider »

You of all people deserve time off, to make projects for yourself, and importantly - to enjoy doing so.
I consider myself the least in the community because others do far more than I do, but what I do, I enjoy. Therefore I understand.
Take your time my friend.
Peter (TheSpider) Paterson
A Scotsman in Kentucky

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Post by Silicebit. »

Dear Fabrice.

Thank you very much for your hours of hard work and I hope you come back very soon.

Alfonso, your old parts man. :-D

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Retiring Fabrice

Post by Steve M »


Fully understand the wish to concentrate on your own stuff. It can be exhausting trying to sort things for others and doesn't allow time for your own enjoyment.

It'd be nice if you could pop in now and again. We'll miss your input greatly.

Thanks for all your help in the past.


Steve M

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Post by nodoid »

Thanks for all of the great work on Euphoric, it's a cracking emulator.

As a way of carrying on the good work and getting it onto more that just the x86 platform, would you have any objections to it (and xeuphoric) being moved onto sourceforge?

I've put forward the suggestion on comp.sys.oric that the only thing holding euphoric back and making it x86 only is the amount of assembler in the source. I can appreciate that when it was originally written that C compilers were quite awful when it came to speed, but this has changed considerably.

To help me out convert the assembler to C, do you have any notes (in English please!) as to what each source file does? My x86 assembler is somewhat rusty, so any thing that will help, please feel free to bung over to me!

Once again, thanks for a brilliant piece of kit.


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