Oric Visits to Bob & Steve

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Oric Visits to Bob & Steve

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Hiya y'all,
Got back a couple of days ago from our trip to Britain... both Scotland (Bob) and England (Steve).

Arianna and I took well over 1000 pics, and 1/2 of them are linked into 12 of the 24 pages here: http://thespider.ath.cx/SpiderScotland2006_01.html

Bob's collection including his Telestrat is there (page 5 I think), and hope to link in (the pics are all uploaded waiting) the pics taken in Steve's Oric treasure trove soon.

CEO, I plan writing a report of both visits. Remind me of this promise! *grin*
Peter (TheSpider) Paterson
A Scotsman in Kentucky

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