Some really cool demo ideas

Want to discuss about Demos on the Oric, here you are !
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Some really cool demo ideas

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I have recently found out how to play some old demos i had on the Spectrum Emulator. See here...

And just based on ideas for Oric demos, these would look really cool.

These are my all time favourites...

Note that i ran all these demos on a Scorpion 256K/1024K machine.

1)Emergency My all time favourite Spectrum Demo. The intro is just stunning in the way it synchronises perfectly between music and screen action and the synchronisation continues all through the demo. The superb digi-movie at the beginning of the coders is breathtaking.

2)Weed Some sumptuous 3d and 2d portraits of a drug orientated trip. Although the subject matter is a bit off taste, the demo easily makes up for it.
You can also see the video of this in u tube...

3)Inmost Sun This demo is a bit weird although i'd prefer to say alternative. Sounds are er... interesting and visuals are er... interesting. The artwork and direction are simply superb.

4)7th Reality This has got to be in this list. It has some extremely cool effects and some great music. Many of the effects are quite possible on the Oric but let that not make you think the demo is less than impressive because of it! :)
And the video can be viewed on utube here.. ... ed&search=

5)Power Up Another fantastic demo with some awesome visual delights. This is probably the most technically dazzling demo but on the Scorpion it did slow down the music when some cpu intense stuff was clearly happening.

6)Traumwerk. This is a very cool demo. Some great artwork and cool visual effects.

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