Doggy & Zorgon reviews

Want to talks about games you like, would like to see developed on the Oric, it's here.
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Doggy & Zorgon reviews

Post by robcook »

Following Zorgon's recent harsh criticism, the balance is slightly readdressed.

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Re: Doggy & Zorgon reviews

Post by Symoon »

Thanks for the link, this was fun to watch.
Although there are several small mistakes (the bugs and "bad keayboard" were a bit exaggerated, and it's rather 1000 than 350 games, guys!), they clearly do a serious research work before recording, and do play the games indeed.

It's amazing they first downloaded the demo version instead of the game, as it was only released 2 or 3 months ago. I suspect they went on and clicked on the recent link, not seeing "(demo only)" ;)
They also should have taken a look at the manual for the space level keys, but hey, that wasn't obvious.

More puzzling is that they seem to have had access to John S Sinclair's interview (he says he lives in China, and talks about Rocketball, with was a C64 game, not Oric, guys ;) )

But I must say I really enjoyed the result, nicely done, seriously worked, with open minds and curiosity. So far the best and most fair "non-oric-world" review I could see.

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Re: Doggy & Zorgon reviews

Post by Dbug »

I agree, not perfect, but at least it's not factually wrong from A to Z, and they are explaining the games quite nicely :)

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Re: Doggy & Zorgon reviews

Post by Antiriad2097 »

They do a regular podcast/video on the Spectrum (Our Sinclair), which is very good. Despite being from the US, they seem to 'get' what the Spectrum is about and understand its context. I've not followed their Amigos stuff, but good to see they're covering other systems too with the same respect and understanding. I'll watch this later.

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