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Re: Novalight - very fast tape loading

Posted: Fri Nov 20, 2020 9:46 am
by Symoon
Ah, this is for the F16 speed bytes, right? (it's used for the loader part, loading with the standard ROM routines). EDIT: ok, you said it in your post, doh! ;)

I'll have to check, but from memory it was giving the best results. Though I'm mixing a bit with Novalight waveform, which I studied (for quite a while) there: ... 60&p=14519

IIRC, for Novalight, the best results (on something like 10 machines) for the four base waveforms were like:

So I suspect I kept this "best" wavform for the F16 format.

PS: there's a working Novalight 1.3, which was a bit faster. I never released it, being close to another speed upgrade, but I was chasing a bug I didn't understand, and had to leave it aside in 2020. Hope I can get back to it soon ;)