TAP2WAV for Windows

Anything related to the tools Tap2Wav, Tap2CD, Tap2Dsk, Sedoric Disc Manager, Tape Header Creator, WriteDsk, and generaly speaking tools related to the management of Oric data files and devices.
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TAP2WAV for Windows

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Is there a Windows Version of TAP2WAV or a way to Bulk Convert TAP files to WAV files?

Even better is there an archive of every TAP game file already converted to WAV anywhere, to save having to convert them?

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Re: TAP2WAV for Windows

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I have transferred 144 most favourite games to wav format to load on my Oric. I have choosen mostly graphical and machine code based commercial games. You can download them from here : http://puu.sh/57VFp.rar

For bulk conversion, I have created a .BAT file like this
@echo off
set i=1
for /R %%f in (dir /s /b *.tap) do call :tap2waw "%%f"
goto done

tap2cd -c %1 %1%.wav
set /A i+=1

If you create this batch file and put it together with tap2cd.exe in the same directory, it will search for all the *.tap files in the same directory and subdirectories. You will have to enter names for nameless programs but it won't be a problem.

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