Cumana Reborn wanted

Anything related to the tools Tap2Wav, Tap2CD, Tap2Dsk, Sedoric Disc Manager, Tape Header Creator, WriteDsk, and generaly speaking tools related to the management of Oric data files and devices.
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Re: Cumana Reborn wanted

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Guys, thanks for the heads up.

There will be another addition to the family tomorrow - a Tatung Einstein. I understand there are similarities with both Amstrad and Oric (the same disks as the Microdisc).

I must stop this madness. Otherwise I'll wind up in either the divorce or bankruptcy court (or both) very soon...

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Re: Cumana Reborn wanted

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I live within spitting distance of Hunary and have a good Hungarian friend who set me up with an Enterprise 128 that he found someone in his village, selling for a pittance. So I'm also quite interested in the Enterprise machine, and its software archive and so on - but a lot of the 'good stuff' for Enterprise is in Hungarian - there is still a very active community over Hungarian users.

I got a brand new video cable for mine, these are being made - and I've heard rumors that there is something like an "M4 Card" (CPC-compatible expansion card) that can be used to load images remotely. Still on the hunt for one, so if you find anything in the meantime stainlessstephen, let me know too! I definitely want to have the Enterprise and Amstrad and Atmos machines all set up next to each other ..

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