Sonix Format for Version 3.40 and below

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Sonix Format for Version 3.40 and below

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The full Sonix Music File Formats (Version 3.40)...

Music is arranged into Events, Patterns, Ornaments and Samples.
Please Note Samples are volume/Noise sequences and not to be confused with Real Sound Samples.
Musical Notes are placed in groups of 64 or less entries in one of a possible 32 patterns for each channel.
Each Note Entry may be either a musical Note ranging C-0 to beyond C-9, a Rest or a Bar.
Each musical note has an associated Volume(0-F) or Sample(0-F) and Ornament(0-F).
Each sample is a sequence of up to 32 volume and Noise values.
The Volume range is from zero to fifteen, whilst the noise range is from 1 to 15.
If noise level 0 is selected, no noise will play.
Each Volume just sets the volume for the note until a sample or another Volume changes it.
Each Ornament is a sequence of Pitch or Note offsets and always based on the original Note (Set in the patterns).

Both Ornaments and Samples are limited to 32 entries each, although since they lye adjacent to one another in memory, any sample may extend to subsequent samples if they do not end.

Patterns are controlled from an Event list.
The Event list may hold up to 256 rows. Each row holds the channels Pattern together with a Note Offset that the pattern will be based on for that event.

Memory organisation


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