Other Oric tunes as MP3

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Other Oric tunes as MP3

Post by Twilighte »

I have just uploaded the Ghouls and Ghousts tune that was done many years ago for Sonix 4.01
This tune is not a SID although the tune was handcrafting from the original tune.
Sonix 4.01 featured Samples and EG control.

http://www.defence-force.org/ftp/forum/ ... ghosts.mp3

The song has been amplified and uploaded again because the volume was very low.

And now the old 3 channel Sample Tracker demo song...
http://www.defence-force.org/ftp/forum/ ... rDemo1.mp3

That tune was done on SoundTracker 3 Channel Sample Tracker...

These next ones were done on Sonix 3.42...

http://www.defence-force.org/ftp/forum/ ... eysEnd.mp3
http://www.defence-force.org/ftp/forum/ ... Sweet9.mp3

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