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Vimize Author

Post by vrozos » Sun Dec 18, 2011 10:10 pm

Hi guys,

I would like to let you know that I
have made some modifications to the
word processor Author to improve its
functionality. More specifically I
changed the keys that invoke the move
commands when in Edit mode to be more
familiar to vi users (i.e. vimize). The new
layout is:

H,J,K,L: left, down, up, right
arrow up: up
arrow down: scroll down
B: back one word (new)
W: forward one word (new)
/: find

The left, right arrows have been
disabled. Also the R (used to retrieve
text from tape) has been disabled
because its CMP clause is used now to
jump to the new move-back-one-word

The code to move forward and back one
word is in the addresses #2a01 and

I have uploaded a zip file at
the address .
This file includes the tap file, the
symbols of the author code (prepared
with inverse engineering) and the code
of the two new commands.

There is one improvement I would
love to make in the future. It would be
nice to save the program compressed.
Then include a header that decompresses
it and passes the flow to the original
program. Any guidelines, tips, docs on
how to do this would be appreciated.



Written from my Oric, please allow for
typos and misspells.

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