OSDK 1.14

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OSDK 1.14

Post by Dbug » Sat Jun 08, 2019 10:25 am

After a few weeks of internal and external testing (thanks guys), I've finally decided to release the version, it's probably one of the largest update we had in quite some time, so there you go:

The version 1.14 of the OSDK is now available, with the following changes:

- Upgraded the C Compiler to version 1.36 by integrating all the latest changes from Fabrice Frances: Better code generator, float/int conversion fixes, better error handling.
- Changed the default compile optimization level from -O2 to -O3 - providing significantly better code generation, both in size and speed
- Upgraded Link65 to the version 0.66: The new macro file generate lines that contain multiple instructions, the linker stopped at the first encountered instruction, this new version correctly parses that
- The code generator macro file is now compatible with both XA and FRASM
- Updated FilePack version number to 0.2 to 0.5 after somebody reported an issue with a veryyyyyyy old version which happened to have the same version number of a much more recent one.
- Tap2Dsk 2.1.1: Added a fix to avoid the tool to stay stuck on tapes with incorrect size specified in their headers
- Fixed a problem with itoa not correctly processing negative numbers (the "-" was overwritten by the number printing routine). Also took the opportunity to optimize the code (removed the jsr itoa / rts as well as an unnecessary x register clearing (it's set to zero when we are back from udiv10)
- Added support for %u to printf
- A new environment variable, OSDKVERSION contains the version number of the SDK, it is shown when building a program

As usual, the OSDK is available on the download page at

As usual, please report any issue, changing things like the Linker or build script tend to have side effects for people who used different projects setups

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