CC65 to DSK

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Re: CC65 to DSK

Post by Symoon » Fri Jun 07, 2019 5:24 pm

8bit-Dude wrote:
Tue Jun 04, 2019 2:18 pm
Does anyone here have a PASE or IJK joystick interface?
I am implementing both in 8bit-Slicks (and emulating them on the 8bit-Hub), but don't have the "real" hardware to test that it works correctly...
I do and could do some quick tests during this very busy weekend. sadly I don't have a disk system installed and last time I tried to copy a DSK to a real disk, it took me... 3 weekends! Could you make some TAP file of your routines test program? (if disk is the only option I doubt I'll be able to test).

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Re: CC65 to DSK

Post by NekoNoNiaow » Wed Jun 12, 2019 12:33 am

Hey, this plays really nicely, that is definitely a great effort!
It takes a bit of training to get the hang of how the car behaves, but that is rather a good thing.

I concur with the remarks regarding controls: I got stuck on the first map wondering how to move the car forward. ;)

Note that it might be better to not use compact arrangement of keys like WASD since driving requires being able to act independently on the accelerate/brake axis and the left/right one. Many keyboard driven games back in the day use arrangement of keys such as QW for left/right and JK for brake/accelerate. This way, players can easily dissociate the two axis and act upon them independently, something which is very hard with the WASD configuration since that requires moving one finder back and forth between two rows of keys.

I do not have remarks regarding the gameplay except that I am not sure if it is possible to brake, it does not feel like it but I might be mistaken. If there is supposed to be a brake function then maybe it would benefit from being a little bit more intense. ;)

Graphics are ok for what appears to be automatically converted image but they can be a bit confusing: I have the feeling that having a clearer outline for the road would help make it more precise to the eye. Also, very often one one has trouble identifying what the graphics represent: is this patch of pixels here a tribune with a lot of spectators or is it a patch of colorful grass? Sometimes it is hard to tell.
Also, the AIC mode does add to the color count but at times, the alternating lines of black/blue or other colors can be tiring to the eye. I would personally appreciate having a bit more solid patches of colors, but I suppose this is very subjective and might be just me. ;)

All in all, as said initially, this is clearly a great effort. Not yet a full fledged game but I assume that you will eventually add more game elements to this promising "skeleton" : keep it up!

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