What does everyone think of this?

This is the right place to discuss on how to implement hardware vsync, adding a VIA or AY chipset, puting multiple roms, or how to design a new flash expansion card.
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Re: What does everyone think of this?

Post by jorodr » Sun Dec 15, 2013 5:30 pm

Thanks for the interests of my drives.
Sorry, but I want to make really professional looking drives. I'm making complex laser cutting to make beautiful panels and dust removing technology for old paint and professional painting for new paint. All of these is not cheap, but prefer to make good looking drive than some cheap, but ugly. Oric Atmos is one of the most beautiful computers, so it must have such beautiful periphery.

Making floppy bus switch is not easy at all, I'll thing. But I thing that is more good to integrate RS 232 chip to the controller, so Oric will have possibility to "talk" with PC and transfer disk images and tapes. What do you thing?

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