Telestrat - things to check for?

If you want to ask questions about how the machine works, peculiar details, the differences between models, here it is !
How to program the oric hardware (VIA, FDC, ...) is also welcome.
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Telestrat - things to check for?

Post by ibisum » Tue Aug 24, 2010 1:02 pm

Hi all,

Well, I did it - I bought an Oric Telestrat, plus disk drive, from Fabrice M., last week .. hopefully it will arrive this week and I'll have my very first real taste of Oric disk-drive using hardware! :)

I just wanted some advice from you guys about the Telestrat, and what I should look for? Is there anything in particular that is worth checking, out of the box - say, capacitors with damage, that sort of thing?

Also, anyone know of any great things a Telestrat can do, that I might want to investigate for fun? I'm already trying to work out how to get all the neat software transferred to it for use on the disk drive .. not sure how I'm going to do that, actually .. but anyway, anything else worth checking out?

Here's a picture that Fabrice M., sent me, fyi:


Looks like some nice spare parts there, too! :)

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