ACTION Language (6502)

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ACTION Language (6502)

Post by barnsey123 » Mon Oct 17, 2011 7:00 pm

If anyone has ever used ATARI 8-bit machines (6502 based) you may have come across the ACTION! language by OSS software which originally came on a cartridge. Apparently - I never used it myself - it produced really fast code (not QUITE as fast as ASM but near enough) with the benefit of being easier to learn and debug. See below for more info

Anyway, I was wondering wether anyone had the time and expertise to have a crack at converting it for the Oric? Perhaps as an application for coding directly on the oric or as cross-development application running on a PC. Someone is doing this for the Atari's (Effectus project):

It can be seen as a more accessible language, intermediate between BASIC and C/ASM.

It may not be possible (or very, very tricky) but I'm thinking it would be a neat project.

Any thoughts?

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