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Re: New tools in the OSDK

Posted: Sat Dec 20, 2014 12:19 pm
by peacer
I want to ask a question about mym-player

Is there an option to play the tune just once?

When I load a music data and give the command to play it ( i.e. CALL#5600 ) it plays the tune again and again until I call #5603

It could be done by calculating the play time and than stopping it but I wonder if I can play it just once..

Also, is it possible to start playing the tune located in certain memory locations? Such as, I can load a big sound data containing music into the memory starting from #6700, and use machine code to play predefined data such as backround music, music to play when player in the game fails etc. Think of "super mario" game. Music plays during the game, and when the player is died it plays the death effect. This could be done also by loading the data from the disc everytime from different files when needed but slows down the gameplay or demo..

I am asking this also because, in previous version of mymplayer you shared, the player uses music data located after #7600 , now its using the data after #6700 . I have some musics converted according to previous version and located in #7600..

In conclusion, I am thinking of a music play command having parameters such as where is the music data in memory, how many time to play it etc.. such as

!TUNE #6700,1

DOKE 0,#7000:POKE 2,1:CALL#5600 ( --> play the sound data located on #7000 just once )

Another parameter might be how long data to use or how long music to play in miliseconds..

By this way, different small sound datas can be loaded in different parts of memory and they can be called when they are needed seperately.

Another request is about the size of converted music datas.

Is it possible to make YM2MYM.EXE truncate the data and stop if music is too long ? There are some long .YM musics . When it convert it to TAP file, and load it on oric, the data is so huge, reaching the screen memory and even character definition . Maybe YM2MYM can produce .TAP file where data is not exceed after #A000 . ı know there's an option to define file size but this is just for "not" using big sized files.

I hope I could have expressed the idea..

Re: New tools in the OSDK

Posted: Sat Dec 20, 2014 6:25 pm
by Dbug
If that can wait next year, yes that's probably doable :)

Re: New tools in the OSDK

Posted: Sat Dec 20, 2014 7:21 pm
by peacer
Thank you :)

One another question is related to Atari ST music database. I had enormously big archive of .SNDH and .SAP music files where I collected from many different websites.

I didn't find a software to convert .SNDH and .SAP format to .AY or .YM

There's a software called "ZX Spectrum sound chip emulator" which can convert many music formats to .YM and we can use it on Oric but that does not allow to use .SNDH and .SAP

There are plenty software which can play .SNDH, .AY, .SAP, .YM files on Windows. But only software that can convert between the is "ZX Spectrum sound chip emulator" version 2.9 beta 11. Other versions has no ability of "save as" function.

This emulator can load many music file formats like OUT , PSG, EPSG, YM, VTX, ZXAY, STC, PSC, ASC, PT1, PT2, PT3, STP, FTC, FLS, SQT, GTR, FXM, AY, PSM and convert these to .YM format.

I've searched on the internet for .SAP and .SNDH file formats but found no clue for them to use them as .YM standart usable for your utility.

Do you (or anyone) have knowledge about using these formats which are also AY-3-8912 and / or YM2149F sound chip files?