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Bootable disk for Telestrat under Euphoric?

Posted: Thu Mar 13, 2008 8:03 pm
by Brana
Hello everyone, I am wondering where can I find the bootable disk for Euphoric to boot up the Telestrat configuration?

When I change the Euphoric.INI file from Computer = Atmos in to Computer = Telestrat, and execute Euphoric.EXE, I see the welcoming screen of the Stratos and the system message “please insert system disk” or something like that (sorry – that message is in French!) And I do not have that DSK file. I do have all ROM files (I believe) but they did not helped me much...

So, if anyone could help me – where could I find it, please?

Best regards



Posted: Fri Mar 21, 2008 8:35 pm
by Brana
Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot that I have to wait another two or three years or so to get reply on anything from the Oric Internet community :((


Posted: Fri Mar 21, 2008 8:50 pm
by Brana
Would you belive it - I've found it myself!

Posted: Fri Mar 21, 2008 10:54 pm
by Dbug
Could you explain briefly how to do it ?
I believe that very few people have Telestrats, but it may be useful for others.

Posted: Sat Mar 22, 2008 3:46 pm
by Twilighte
I've also replied to you Brana, even though i have no idea would like Dbug, i would also find it interesting to get hold of a bootable Telestrat disc.
Ok, so maybe a few weeks late response.


Posted: Mon Mar 24, 2008 6:52 pm
by Brana
I will explain it in a day or two;

I do not have the Internet at my home so I use public computer(s) and here where I am now – I do not have my INI files for Euphoric and – sorry – I do not know them “by hard”

So, I will send my answer in a day or two (by the way – it is EASY!)

Running a Telestrat under Euphoric:

Posted: Wed Mar 26, 2008 3:12 pm
by Brana
Running a Telestrat under Euphoric:

First of all - I use an older version of the Euphoric Emulator
(Version 0.99k (C) F.Frances)
and I use a BAT file to launch the euphoric.

To create a BAT file:
Open the Notepad and type in the following line of text:

euphoric.exe -t stratsed.dsk

The letter "-t" is for the Telestrat configuration (not Oric) and "stratsed.dsk" is the name of desired floppy inserted in telestrat's drive.

Then save this file as a BAT file (Click "Save As" and give it a name with the BAT extension, example: "TSTRAT.BAT" )
It should be saved in the same folder where your Euphoric.exe is. Then you can create a shortcut to it and place the shortcut anywhere you like (example on to your desktop).

Then, you need a file named "STRATSED.DSK". I have found it on the Internet and placed it in the folder with my Euphoric.exe emulator.

Then, you need a ROM file named "Hypbas1.rom"
Attention: You most likely will have a similar ROM file named "Hyperbas.rom" but these two ROM files are NOT the same!
I do not know what the difference is, but if you use the ROM file named "Hyperbas.rom" - your Telestrat configuration will NOT work!
I have found the "Hypbas1.rom" file somewhere on the Internet.

After you have made the starting BAT file, obtained the "STRATSED.DSK" and the "Hypbas1.rom" file (from the Internet), then change the Euphoric.INI file:

Here, written below is my complete Euphoric.INI file.
Note that I have changed the starting line
from: "Computer=Atmos" in to "Computer=Telestrat"
then changed the contest of the Bank6
from: "Bank6=Hyperbas.rom" in to "Bank6=Hypbas1.rom"
then ejected (cleared) the contents of the Bank (5) and Bank (3) with the ";"
from "Bank5=Stratori.rom" in to ";Bank5=Stratori.rom"
and "Bank3= ..." in to ";Bank3= ..."

----/beginning of my Euphoric.ini file for the Telestrat configuration: /-----------
; Oric1,Atmos,Telestrat (and even Stratos for UK fans)
; Microdisc,Jasmin,None (applies to Oric1 & Atmos only)
;Bank3= ...
; 1 or 2
Clock=1.0 MHz
; (applies to Oric1 & Atmos only, Telestrat always has it)
; None,com1,com2,/dev/ttyS0,...
; joystick on Telestrat joystick port
; None, PASE, IJK
-----------------/end of my euphoric.ini file/-----------------------------------

Now double-click the created BAT file. This will launch the Euphoric and boot the Telestrat with the stratsed.dsk

And that should work!

To repeat in short, You need:

- A Bat file to start the emulator with the following line of command in it:
euphoric.exe -t stratsed.dsk

- "STRATSED.DSK" file from the Internet placed in the same folder where you Euphoric.exe is,

- "HYPBAS1.ROM" file from the Internet in the folder where your ROM files are,

- Changed Euphoric.INI file.

And that should work just fine!

In addition to this text, I am sending an zipped file attachment containing the Euphoric.exe, Euphoric.ini, ROM files, STRATSED.DSK file and created BAT file. They are all configured OK so If interested, just unzip it in an empty folder and execute the file named "ISKRA.BAT" You will got a working Telestrat!

Edit Dbug: Here it is: ...

Best regards


Posted: Wed Mar 26, 2008 4:30 pm
by waskol
Excuse me, when I saw your message, I did not understood that you just needed the OS disk...
I did not realised, because you can always download it from her : (just click on "StratSed for the TeleStrat" in the bottom left)

However, the procedure you indicate is no more no less what is written in the html file "Manual2.htm" that comes within the zip with the emulator.
Anyway, if it seems something obvious to do for most of us here, it's good that you took the time to explain how you solved your problem.

However, what could be usefull to have for you Oric Emulator is a set of rom files (some are for the Oric microcomputers, some for their disk drives, some for the cartridge system of the Telestrat), you may also need a set of dsk files for the different Disk drives OS (Jasmin, cumana, microdisc,...)

If you need this, I can take the time, this evening, to prepare a ip file for download. Just tell me.

Otherelse, when Oric complains (Telestrat or Oric1Atmos + Jasmin/Cumana/Microdisc) and ask you for a system disk, you can press the F1 from within the emulator, and navigate on the "Drive A:" in order to select a dsk file.
Take the time to read carefully the documentation of Euphoric, everything you need to know is explained, but you have to dig everything out.


Posted: Wed Mar 26, 2008 5:50 pm
by Brana
That is what I needed.

CLOAD under Telestrat?

Posted: Wed Mar 26, 2008 6:04 pm
by Brana
Anyway, maybe you could help me out with THIS problem, it is rather simple I hope;

How do I “Cload” the (plain) TAP file under Telestrat?

Normally on Oric Atmos, I start the emulator, type in the: Cload”FILENAME.TAP”, press enter and the Euphoric loads the TAP file with the name specified.

Under Telestrat I get something like Syntax error in return.

Is there a command difference (Cload””?) or is there something else?
Telestrat’s DOS is all in French and I do not understand French so that is creating me a bit of a problem... :(

This question is regarding the “plain” tape, NOT the “hardware” tape file...


Posted: Wed Mar 26, 2008 9:29 pm
by waskol
OK, I will check this for you since I speak french (but I am a "Telestrat noob" like you :lol: )

Posted: Wed Mar 26, 2008 10:37 pm
by waskol
Well, well, well :lol:

I am sorry to tell you that I found nothing about tapes and telestrat, simply this about hardware programming on Fabrice Frances' website :
the standard system software of the Oric-1/Atmos (no tape software in Telestrat) uses a mix of two frequencies
I am afraid you have to do something else !

Posted: Thu Mar 27, 2008 9:19 am
by Symoon
waskol wrote:on Fabrice Frances' website :
the standard system software of the Oric-1/Atmos (no tape software in Telestrat) uses a mix of two frequencies
That's funny, I never thought about tapes and Telestrat... Correct me if I'm wrong, but there is a tape port on the Telestrat. Anyone knows if that means it wasn't used at all in "standard" Telestrat mode, maybe only when running the Oric1/Atmos cartridge on the Telestrat?

Re: transporting my TAP files on to TELESTRAT.DSK

Posted: Thu Mar 27, 2008 9:06 pm
by Brana
So in other words, I have about of 5 megabytes of my own TAP files for Atmos, and I can NOT load them on to Telestrat... That is NICE :(

If this is the case, then how about the following idea:

If I launch SEDORIC.DSK on to ATMOS computer with TWO floppy drives (A and B) and I use A drive for the disk system and I use B drive as a empty drive, then on the Atmos configuration I do something like:

- CLOAD desired TAP files, one by one, and
- SAVE then on to empty (B) drive of the Atmos,

And after that I launch TELESTRAT with TWO floppy drives (A and B) and I use B drive for accessing my TAP files that are in this way converted for the TELESTRAT.

But this WONT work (I already tried it out) because in the last stage TELESTRAT complains that this (B) drive is NOT INTENDED for use of TELESTRAT!?

So “back to the drawing board”?

P.S. I read in the documentation of Euphoric that TELESTRAT is FULLY compatible with the ATMOS computer. Does this means the following:

Commands such as:

CLS:PAPER4:INK7:PRINT@2,2;”Hello World”:INPUT”What is your name”;A$ ... and so on...

should work THE SAME on ORIC (ATMOS) and on TELSTRAT?

Yes or N o, please?

Posted: Fri Mar 28, 2008 12:22 am
by waskol
Yes, but CLOAD and CSAVE on TELESTRAT don't exist.

But, you can download the PC utility tap2dsk here :


This is the easiest way to do it. :wink:

Other else, there is a more complicated methods, but it works with some real hardware.
1) prepare your tap file (let's say Invaders.tap) and configure your Euphoric (with configuratoric.exe), in order to have 3 Floppy drives.

2) convert your tap into a wav file with my tap2wav tool (support all windows, even vista) :
Put this invaders.tap into your "Tapes" folder

3) convert the file(s) on the tap into a Jasmin disk file :
- if you have more than one file for a game, and some tape routine, forget about it, it will be far much complicated for you to make it work...
Anyway, a lot of games are 1 block file to load, such like Invaders, that's why I took this example.
- Start Euphoric with ATMOS+Jasmin (Dos command : euphoric -j )
- Press F1, "put" FTDOS.DSK in drive A
(the FTDOS.DSK file can be downloaded here : )
- Put the wav file you created in the tape system (Hardware : YES, then select your wav file, and choose Tape Synchro : ON)
- Press F1 (you are back to Oric), boot the Jasmin by pressing the F6 key
- The Jasmin is then operational
- type : !CAT"" you should see a lot of things there
- type !"FORMAT" in order to format a blank floppy :
--> answer O at the first question, "2" at the second (number of tracks), and N to any other questions
--> when it says "Changez de disque", Press F1, and in drive A put a blank disk (space key), the back with F1, press return.
--> Back to FTDOS.DSK !!!
- type : !"TKD", change the floppy again in order to select your blank dsk file "______.dsk"
- then follow the instructions, the FTDOS will load the game in memory, then on the floppy disk :
--> at the first question , press space bar + return (A space will say to Jasmin to load the first file it founds on the tape)
---> At the second question , choose 2 (in order to copythe game on disk 2
--> At the third question, write INVADERS.BAS it will be the name of the file on the floppy
--> at the end of the process, check what is on your floppy : !CAT"2."

4) From Jasmin to Microdisc :
- Restart euphoric, but with ATMOS+Microdisc (euphoric -d)
- put SEDORIC3.dsk into drive A
- the ___________.dsk wich is in Jamin Format into drive B
- A blank dsk in drive C (I think you will have to format it before, but I do not remember how it works with sedoric. There is an English manual in the Library section of, I think
- In the menu, choose "convert from old dos" (or something like that)
--> Select source (B) and target (C)
--> select DOS system (FTDOS)
--> select files
I cannot say more, I never used it ! :lol:

you should have now a Microdisc dsk file with invaders.bas on it

5) From Microdisc to Telestrat
- Start your Telestrat with Stratsed in drrive A
- Put your microdisc dsk in drive B
- Copy the file from microdisc to a new Stratsed dsk (in drive C for instance)

Now, you have Invaders working On Telestrat. :P

Another method
1) with configuratoric, put, in Bank 1 of the Telestrat , the ROM of Oric ATMOS
2) Telestrat starts then with ATMOS ROM : your Telestrat is working exactly like an Oric Atmos (you can do that with the rom of Oric1 and even the rom of the Bulgarian Pravetz8D !
3) CLOAD "invaders.tap"