An Oric (and printer) for sale in the UK

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An Oric (and printer) for sale in the UK

Post by Antiriad2097 » Thu Mar 01, 2012 6:07 pm

Someone at the Retro Gamer forum is selling a bundle of stuff that includes some Oric wares: ... =6&t=33125

The thread may get pulled as the poster hasn't met the 50 post limit for sales (to try and avoid fraud as there were some issues), but as its a 'buyer collects' situation it could be worth a look.

The username is bbcradio4 if the thread disappears and you want to PM him.

He's posted the following:
bbcradio4 wrote:Hi folks,
I now work at sea and have little time to collect/enjoy my retrogaming stash. This coupled with a house move has led to me wanting to rationalize my collection to focus on the mighty Megadrive. As a result I would like to offer the following items for sale as a job lot to a fellow collector who will appreciate the nostalgic and historic value of the items.

Buyer to collect from Leek, Staffs, ST13 .

Any reasonable offers welcome.

Items as follows;

Neo-Geo MVS MV-1 + Jamma loom
Oric Atmos (boxed)
Oric /MCP 40 colour printer (boxed)
ZX Spectrum 48K (boxed)
Dreamcast + 2 controllers + 1 VMU (unboxed)
Gamecube + 1 controller (Unboxed)
gameboy player for gamecube (boxed)
n64 + 2 controllers + 1rumble pack
PS2 slim + 1 controller (unboxed)

PS2 games:
marvel vs capcom 2
GTA san andreas
pro evo 6
sonic mega collection plus
sonic gems collection
taito legends 2
rocky legends
capcom classics collection vol.1
conflict vietnam
conflict desert storm II
Brian Lara cricket 2007
warhammer 40k fire warrior

Gamecube games:
Zelda, wind waker (limited addition including with n64 games Ocarina+ Ocarina master quest)
Zelda, twilight princess
F-zero GX
star wars rogue leader

Photos on my flicker stream;

for any more photos or info pm me for mobile, skype, contacts.
Not someone I know personally but if there's anyone in the area it may be worth checking out.

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