Possible service disturbance in November.

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Possible service disturbance in November.

Post by Dbug » Sun Oct 30, 2011 4:57 pm

Hello, starting Monday, and until the first of December, my apartment is going to look like a warzone: workers going in and out, making holes in concrete slaps, using jackhammers to rip out old crap, etc... the reason is that they are redoing the plumbing and air evacuation system in the whole building block (which was built in the 60ies).

How it may impact you is that Miniserve (the IRC stats / SVN server) is in this apartment, and the workers may have to cut the power from time to time... the server is on an UPS, but it's good enough for 15 minutes or so, and then the server has to be manually restarted.

So if you notice a problem, don't hesitate to reply on this thread, I will try to fix the issue as soon as possible (which may be longer than usual consider I'm going to crash at some friends place who is still waiting for his internet line to be installed!).

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