New hardware for your Oric

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New hardware for your Oric

Post by waskol » Sun Mar 30, 2008 8:56 pm

OK, this is the Idea, where to find some new Hardware for your computer.
I Suggest we make a compilation there.

For instance, I start :
Floppy Drive replacement for Jasmin 2 (and Jasmin 1 ? and Microdisc ???)
The Jasmin 2, from my recent experience, is "Amiga 500/100/2000 compatible, any MFM drive set up as drive A, would be OK.

For the thing, you just need to change the old 5.25 inch connector of the ribbon that comes out from the controller board with 3.5 inch floppy connector.

You need also a brand new Floppy drive, coming out freshly from the factory; You can get some just righton those recommended websites : (15 euros) (website in maintenance today :? )

DD Floppies for your 3,5 inch drive :
By boxes of 10, 50 (29€) or 100 (39 euros) on (labels included) (cheaper), they have also 5,25 inch floppies !

"Atari" Joysticks : (again !)

A bunch of things here (Floppy drives, electronic parts) :

SCART Cable ... .m63.l1177

Tested and approved : good quality, the guy is serious

Tape player (3 Jacks : in/out/motor) :
I found one in my local supermarket, a Thomson
- Every where on the Web

Do not hesitate to add your good links here :wink:

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