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Oric demo at MetaLab RetroSessions

Posted: Sun May 27, 2018 11:27 am
by ibisum
We had a RetroSession at Metalab last Friday, and I brought along my Atmos+Cumulus rig for a demo - pictures here:

The working Atmos system was well received and poked at with curiosity. Very unknown system around these parts!

Also brought along the new Twilighte+Sittler card from Jede, but due to time constraints (and distractions with recovering a dead Amstrad CPC6128), it was not demonstrated this time around - next time! Very much looking forward to having a session on Orix with the rest of the RetroSession squad ..

In case any of you are around Vienna, come to our next one on June 29th! Would be great to know other Oric guys in Austria .. ;)