Euphoric - 0.19

Comments, problems, suggestions about Oric emulators (Euphoric, Mess, Amoric, etc...) it's the right place to ask. And don't hesitate to give your tips and tricks that help using these emulations in the best possible way on your favorite operating system.
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Euphoric - 0.19

Post by nodoid » Mon Aug 28, 2006 12:59 pm

Just a quicky to report on how things are going...

First, I've a relatively sane build system for euphoric which works well under Linux and cygwin. ...

This is essentially just the 0.18.2 release with some changes (charset.S is now in C and I've added G. Barre's icons). I would appreciate someone test compiling it on cygwin (and on a Mac) and let me know if things are happy.

Second, I've applied for space on sourceforge for the project which means cvs access, mailing lists and other such things. I'm proposing three lists, users, testers and developers. (user = someone using the stable, tester = someone using stable and/or test version, developer = someone who writes code)

Third, I could do with some help. If you have any skill in assembler and C let me know - the sooner the assembler is ported to C, the sooner other developments can happen.

Lastly, I need someone to build on a mac and Windows box so I can have 3 versions on sourceforge.

Time for another coffee I think...
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