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The Count

Posted: Fri Feb 09, 2018 6:20 pm
by Dom
a few monthes ago, didierV sent to me a disc copy of "the count", a game from Scott Adams & Adventure International.
I tried, without succes to find a soluce on the Internet. The only one I found was in Jim Groom Oric Cheats Directory, but this solution did'nt work.
A few days ago, I finaly found a soluce for this game in a TRS80 cheats web page.
These soluce is OK with the Oric version of the game but has nothing in common with the Jim's one. ( Differents actions, different vocabulary, ...)
So here's my question: Does anny body heard about an oric game named "the count" which would not be the Scott Adams one ?
Thanks for your help :)

For the soluce of the Scott Adams game, follow this link :)