Is this a valid Oric tape ?

Anything related to the tools Tap2Wav, Tap2CD, Tap2Dsk, Sedoric Disc Manager, Tape Header Creator, WriteDsk, and generaly speaking tools related to the management of Oric data files and devices.
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Is this a valid Oric tape ?

Post by kamelito » Wed Jan 11, 2006 11:57 pm


Back then a friend of mine wrote a universal tape copier, he said that with it, it could copy anything. Only one program didn't work because the Oric didn't have enough RAM to store the game + the copier.
It needed also a RAM overlay.

Lately I found the progam on the internet.

I tried to CLOAD"" the program but it didn't work.

Maybe its just a memory dump that need a tape header ? or it need to have the Overlay trick activated (which I don't know how to do...)

Any thought of how to launch it ?

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Post by Euphoric » Thu Jan 12, 2006 6:34 pm

It seems it's not an Oric tape...
It doesn't have a header, and moreover it's not 6502 code...



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