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Post by Dbug » Wed Dec 11, 2013 10:28 pm

I'm not far of having a clean version of the FloppyBuilder we used in the Defence Force demos.
Most of the code has been rewritten, the description file syntax is now totally different as wells as both the loader and exported floppy layout information.

The biggest achievement so far is that in emulators it can now load data while playing music.

I wanted to test that on my real Oric and Microdisc, but unfortunately since the fall from the table at the Solskogen party it does not boot anymore, so I'd like if some of you could try to test the generated floppy on a real machine and tell me if it works. I'm interested by both 3", 3.5" and HxC/Cumulus results.

Here is the sample floppy:
(525.25 KiB) Downloaded 414 times
What it does is to play an Atari ST music, and cycles through 3 pictures from known games (Damsel, Diamant, Krillys) loader from disc.
The number at the bottom are the side, track and sector numbers used during the loading.

Basically what I need to know is:
- does it boot
- does it loads the pictures
- does the loading of pictures impacts the sound
- how long does the loading of a picture takes (in Oricutron it's like not even a second, but I guess on a real Oric it much be much slower)


For information, here is the script that generated the floppy (I removed the comments)
OutputLayoutFile floppy_description.h
OutputFloppyFile ..\build\SlideShow.dsk


SetBootSector Microdisc ..\build\files\bootsector_microdisc.o
SetBootSector Jasmin ..\build\files\bootsector_jasmin.o

SetPosition 0 5
AddFile ..\build\files\loader.o $fc00

SetPosition 1 13
AddDefine LOADER_SLIDESHOW {FileIndex}
AddFile ..\build\files\slideshow.o $400

AddFile ..\build\files\damsel.hir $a000
AddFile ..\build\files\diamond_2.hir $a000
AddFile ..\build\files\krillys.hir $a000

AddDefine LOADER_FIRST_MUSIC {FileIndex}
AddFile ..\build\files\music_cuddly.ym $c000
And here is the generated layout file used by the loader code:
// Floppy layout generated by FloppyBuilder 0.3

// Information for the Assembler
FileStartSector .byt 5,13,17,15,13,11
FileStartTrack .byt 0,1,2,4,6,8
FileSectorCount .byt 3,21,32,32,32,29
FileLoadAdressLow .byt <64512,<1024,<40960,<40960,<40960,<49152
FileLoadAdressHigh .byt >64512,>1024,>40960,>40960,>40960,>49152
// Information for the Compiler

// Summary for this floppy building session:
#define FLOPPY_TRACK_NUMBER 42 // Number of tracks
#define FLOPPY_SECTOR_PER_TRACK 17 // Number of sectors per track
// List of files written to the floppy
// - Entry #0 '..\build\files\loader.o ' loads at address 64512 starts on track 0 sector 5 and is 3 sectors long (516 bytes).
// - Entry #1 '..\build\files\slideshow.o ' loads at address 1024 starts on track 1 sector 13 and is 21 sectors long (5133 bytes).
// - Entry #2 '..\build\files\damsel.hir ' loads at address 40960 starts on track 2 sector 17 and is 32 sectors long (8000 bytes).
// - Entry #3 '..\build\files\diamond_2.hir ' loads at address 40960 starts on track 4 sector 15 and is 32 sectors long (8000 bytes).
// - Entry #4 '..\build\files\krillys.hir ' loads at address 40960 starts on track 6 sector 13 and is 32 sectors long (8000 bytes).
// - Entry #5 '..\build\files\music_cuddly.ym ' loads at address 49152 starts on track 8 sector 11 and is 29 sectors long (7347 bytes).
I'm still working on the format, adding information, etc... so nothing is case in stone. Suggestions and questions are welcome.

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Re: FloppyBuilder

Post by peacer » Thu Dec 12, 2013 12:51 am

Can't answer your questions but the music sample is absolutely awesome :)

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